Board of Directors

The St. George’s Kindergarten Board of Directors ensures we have the resources needed to maintain our facilities, grow our preschool programs, and foster community among all our children, families, and staff members.

The 18-member board is made up of current or past parents, school administration, and church leadership. The 11 elected board members serve a 3-year term and include 10 church members and one non-communicant. These vitally important volunteers meet monthly and provide critical support to school administrators. Nominations and self-nominations can be submitted to Board Chair Katie Agnew.

2021-2022 Board of Directors

Mrs. Katie Agnew, Board Chair
Mr. Will Pendleton, Treasurer
Mrs. Sarah Vogel, Secretary
Mr. Will Decker
Mrs. Catherine Grace
Mr. JR Hand
Mrs. Lucia McKnight
Mr. Craig Reavis
Mr. Chris Schickling
Mrs. Julia Spickard
Mrs. Molly Virgin

Ex-Officio Members

The Rev. Colin Ambrose, Priest in Charge
Mrs. Zee Pendleton, Director
Mrs. Angela Rice, Assistant Director
The Rev. Dr. David Barr, Kindergarten Chaplain
Mrs. Stephanie Gillmor, Vestry Representative
Mr. Craig Laine, Senior Warden
Mrs. Charlotte Ward, Junior Warden